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AO Smith BPD Water Heater Natural Gas
  • Designed for small office buildings and duplex apartment homes
  • DynaClean™ II system reduces lime and sediment buildup
  • PermaGlas® glass-lined tank resists corrosion
  • Built-in safety feature prevents pilot or main burner operation if blower is not running
AO Smith BT Water Heater Natural Gas
  • PermaGlas® glass lining prevents tank corrosion
  • Small diameters and shorter heights for greater installation ease
  • Handhole cleanout for easy maintenance
  • Automatic safety shutoff if pilot is extinguished
AO Smith BTF Water Heater Natural Gas
Conservationist® Standard Vent Gas Water Heaters>
    • Blue Diamond™ glass coating delivers more than twice the corrosion resistance of industry-standard glass lining
    • Features C3 Technology™ that protects against accidental ignition of flammable vapors
    • Environmentally friendly Green Choice™ gas burner reduces NOx emissions by 33% compared to standard burners
    • Piezo igniter for easy “no match” pilot ignition
AO Smith BTH Water Heater Natural Gas
  • 96% efficiency dramatically lowers operating costs
  • Patented Dynamix Cyclonic Burner™ offers precise air/fuel mixing at point of ignition
  • Exhaust and air intake positioned so heater can be installed in corners or flush against wall
  • 4 handy venting options using inexpensive 3˝ or 4˝ PVC pipe
AO Smith BTL Water Heater Lo Nox Natural Gas
  • Built-in induced draft blower — helps solve negative air pressure problems
  • The Eliminator™ self-cleaning system improves energy efficiency and extends tank life
  • Compact design (almost a foot shorter than models they replace)
  • Can be installed standalone, manifolded or connected to storage tanks
AO Smith BTR Water Heater Natural Gas
  • Effikal automatic flue damper minimizes standby heat loss to achieve 80% thermal efficiency
  • Inlet/outlet connections located top, front and rear for greater installation flexibility
  • Space-saving units are up to one foot shorter than models they replace
  • Installs standalone, manifolded or connected to storage tanks